Jun 09, 2011

Finally summertime is upon us here in chilly Sweden (guess all of you didn't know that's where we are located?!?).

Workload has been really heavy and this site has been a little downprioritized.

I've collected a lot of images and am now going through them all. Both my own photos and from partner websites.

It really sucks that I haven't had time to do more... I was hoping to do one update a week... now it's been months since the last one. Sorry to keep you all waiting.

I have about a month off from work in July and I plan on spending a week or so with this website. Hopefully I can add a few interesting features then as well!

Thanks for your patience.

/Olle, Air Jordanism


New updates coming up
Jan 31, 2011

Glad to report we now have more than 100 registered users!

We are working on a big update and the plan is to release it sometime around Feb 20th.

In the meantime we will do some small updates on existing pages.

/Olle, Air Jordanism


Collection explanation
Jan 13, 2011

OK. So what is this Collection thing on your profile?

Well. It's actually a way to show off to other users which shoes you have in your collection.

On every show page you will find a button with "Add this shoe to your collection". When you press this button the shoe will be added to your collection.

This is how your profile will look when you add a few shoes:

As you can see there is also a link to your public profile. In the future we hope to incorporate this functionality with Facebook and other sites, so you can show off your collection to everyone!

Maybe in the future we can pics of your real collection as well?



New website launched
Jan 09, 2011

The new site is here...

I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting for sooooooooooooooooooooo long. I just haven't had the time to finish it. Days, weeks, months, years went by.
But now, finally I have managed to put it online.

There are still a lot of shoes missing and I will add them as we go along. Right now I focused on putting all the OG stuff up and also some of the retros. There's a big gap from 2008-2010 and I will fill it as soon as I can.

No "double packs" have been added as of yet (DMP, Countdown, etc.). They will pop up sooner or later.

At present, the following sections is yet to be added:
IV (4)
V (5)
XI (11)
XII (12)
XIII (13)
XIV (14)
XV (15)
XVI (16)
XXII (22)
XXIII (23)

I will add them soon.

Hope you all enjoy the new site!

/Olle, Air Jordanism


Air-jordans.com becomes Air Jordanism
Jan 08, 2011

So... I lost my domain name. It was too precious for Nike and I would never ever do anything to stand in their way.

That's why the site and domain has changed name.

I hope you like the new name. And the new site!


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